Youth Activism Building Capacities & Culture of Volunteerism

RLA Foundation SG believes in the potential and capacity of the young. They are the main protagonists of nation-building and a community of care and compassion.

Local and Overseas Projects

Based on this mission, the Foundation has embarked on various local and overseas projects since 2009. Additionally, we have given $900,000 as grant support for 47 community service projects (local and abroad). The projects were for the community in Singapore and beyond i.e Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, India, Indonesia, Aceh and Turkey. We welcome project teams to submit their proposals for funding.

Training and Engagements

The Foundation hold quarterly traning and engagement sessions for young activists and leaders to develop capabilities in understanding the terrain and managing projects. Previous training includes Project Management Bootcamp and Creating Social Impact Through Humanitarian Projects.

Additionally, we formed an informal network of#weareyouthactivists through sharing sessions of best practices and exploration of on collaboration opportunities. These engagements revolve around themes such as youth outreach, sustainability, diversity and entrepreneurship.