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The Rahmatan Lil Alamin (RLA) or Blessings to All Committee was set up by MUIS in 2005 for the Singaporean Muslim Community to radiate compassion and kindness to poor, needy and victims of disaster regardless of the faith, race or creed.

A gesture of fundraising goodwill for Aceh in the wake of the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami brought together the RLA Committee, representing all the mosques in Singapore.

Since the unprecedented Friday collection of over $550,000 for the tsunami victims, the Committee’s initiatives continue to receive tremendous support from the Muslim community. The RLA Foundation (RLAF) was set up in 2009 to further these aims.Our Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong officiated the inaugural launch of the RLA Foundation on 11 July 2009.

RLAF is a registered charity and has been conferred an Institution of Public Character (IPC) status. It was incorporated with the following objectives:

To promote and support activities & programmes that project the Rahmatan Lil’ Alamin (RLA) spirit
To support capacity building of community leaders, youth leaders and volunteers through skills upgrading and training to undertake the above mentioned RLA projects
To promote better understanding and cultivate stronger bonds amongst people of various faiths in Singapore so as to strengthen inter-faith understanding and race relations in Singapore through humanitarian & community development works
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